Diego Sanchez on WWE Star Daniel Bryan: "Those WWE People are Hardcore"


Diego Sanchez (23-5) had nothing but high remarks when he discovered that WWE superstar Daniel Bryan started to use his 'Yes' chant.

"I watched an interview and they asked him where he got the 'Yes' and he said he got it from Diego Sanchez, I love Diego Sanchez," said Sanchez. "He's promoting me in a way, so I got his back."

Sanchez first used the chant during his entrance to the Octagon at UFC 95. Bryan also uses the chant as he makes his way into the WWE ring.

"If it helps him get motivated, that's what I'm all about," said Sanchez. "I'm about motivating people in anyway. I'm not a hater and in one-way imitation is the best way of flattery. As far as I'm concerned, this guy is part of the 'Yes' revolution and I got his back."

Though the 'Yes' chant hasn't been as popular with the UFC audience, compared to the WWE, Sanchez is not shocked.

"The WWE and Mixed Martial Arts are two completely different sports and two completely different categories of fans," said Sanchez. "Those WWE people are hardcore and I love them. I love the WWE fans, the UFC fans and all the people who want to support the 'Yes.'"

While Sanchez and Bryan have not spoken directly, Sanchez did hint how the two could work sometime down the line.

"I have not talked to him yet, but my team has reached out to them and we'll see what happens," said Sanchez. "We both are the 'Yes' men and if we could help each other that's what it's about. It's about that positivity and motivating yourself to do things you could never do when unmotivated."

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