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Did the UFC Really Drop Miguel Torres Because of Twitter?

Social media may have gotten the best of Miguel Torres (40-5) after all. Torres was released by the UFC in December 2011 for tweeting a rape joke, but was rehired weeks later after Dana White said he apologized for the inappropriate comment. He would be released once more in August 2012, months after he was defeated in his last fight.

According to Dave Meltzer, of The Wrestling Observer, this recent release was more of a disciplinary action and may of had nothing to do with his abilities inside the Octagon. Meltzer wrote:

"The cutting of Miguel Torres was disciplinary in nature although it was not said what the cause was, only that he was cut. His record wasn't bad, with a knockout loss to Michael McDonald who is going to be a top star (provided his hands don't keep betraying him as he's already broken them a couple of times) and a close loss to Demetrious Johnson, both top guys. He made the rape joke on twitter and was fired, then brought back, and apparently he made some sort of a similar mistake."

The tweet that garnered Torres heat was, "If a rape van was called a surprise van more women wouldn't mind going for rides in them. Everyone likes surprises."

Torres was 2-2 in the UFC at the time of his last release. Not long after his release, Torres signed with TFC.

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