Smart or Dumb: Michigan Hiring Brady Hoke


According to athletic director David Brandon, Michigan got their “Michigan man” after naming Brady Hoke the new head coach of the wolverines. Many alumni and fans aren’t quite so sure. Brandon promised a national search, and that he would pay top dollar to the best coach available, yet the coaching search only focused on two former Michigan players under Bo Schembechler, and a former defensive line coach under Lloyd Carr. To many alumni the search seemed frustrating, disorganized, definitely not national, and took place way to late. After all, what was gained by waiting until January 11 to finally make a hire. Many recruits have decomitted and most solid coaching options are already taken. To many Michigan fans Hoke seems like the third or fourth choice.

Hoke brings a 47-50 record with him to Ann Arbor, and has turned programs around in the past at both Ball State and San Diego State. The question is can he do it again at Michigan? Hoke, known as a defensive minded coach and a solid recruiter has a tough job ahead of him, and must improve the abysmal Michigan defense in order to compete in the Big Ten. One advantage is that Hoke understands what Michigan football is all about. He knows the words to “the victors”, he understands Michigan tradition, and most assuredly will not be holding hands and singing Josh Groban at team functions.

Maybe fans and alumni need to just give Hoke a fair chance. Many former players showed their support for Hoke, including Braylon Edwards, Charles Woodson, Cato June, and Desmond Howard, who all had positive things to say about the hire. Hopefully for Michigan fans, the support from former players can begin to unify a fractured Michigan fan base. In order to gain the support of fans and alumni Hoke must convince Denard Robinson to stay, somehow salvage the 2011 recruiting class, and win games. That’s the bottom line, winning. Despite being considered an outsider, if Rich Rodriguez had won games he would still be the head coach. - Dr. David Silver

While Hoke was not the sexy, flashy choice as the next Michigan coach, he may be the safe choice. He deserves the chance to restore Michigan to a national power. After all, we all know how the sexy, flashy choice worked out the last time.

Dr. Silver uses his skills as a practicing optometrist to see things clearly as it pertains to the world of football. A University of Michigan graduate, David can be found rooting for the Big Blue on Saturdays and the Dolphins on Sundays.

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