Did Surfers in Hawaii Catch the Biggest Wave Ever Last Month?


Call it the "perfect storm" -- actually the combination of two storms -- that resulted in perhaps the biggest wave surfers have ever ridden.

Early last month when Super Typhoon Nida was dying in the North Pacific, another storm system called 97W formed right under it, creating a massive low-pressure system similar to a nor'easter. It formed a huge wave that hit Hawaii three days later.

When that wave hit, only two surfers were in position -- and brave enough -- to attempt to ride it. Watch it here:

The video is an entry in Billabong's annual big wave competition, so we'll probably hear from them in a few months on exactly how big they think the wave was.

And when they ask if this is the biggest wave ever caught, notice they're talking about paddling into a wave without the use of a jet-ski. So really, this isn't the biggest wave ever ridden. That likely happened last January 2009 on a wave that was judged to be 77 feet high and caught by surfers who were towed out on a jet-ski. But the wave above could be the biggest wave ever ridden by simply catching it via paddling with your arms and legs.


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