Did Sarah Palin and Glen Rice Really Hook Up?

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We couldn’t make this stuff up. Of all the stories that we don’t see coming, this one has to be up there. For all of the things you could think about Sarah Palin, you wouldn’t guess that she was getting it on with Glen Rice (who is black!). But, sources tell the National Enquirer (always a trusted source of information), that in Joe McGinniss’ upcoming Palin book, there is a story in there about Palin hooking up with former University of Michigan star Glen Rice back in 1987.

In the book, which will be published on September 20th, McGinniss claims Sarah had a steamy interracial hookup with basketball stud GLEN RICE less than a year before she eloped with her husband Todd.

Sarah hooked up with the NBA great, then a 6-foot-8 junior at the University of Michigan when he was playing in a college basketball tournament in Alaska in 1987, the book says. At the time, Sarah, just out of college, was working as a sports reporter for the Anchorage TV station KTUU.

A publishing source told The ENQUIRER that McGinniss claims Sarah had a “fetish” for black men at the time and he quotes a friend as saying Sarah had “hauled (Rice’s) ass down.”

A source unrelated to the book told The ENQUIRER, Todd was very much in the picture at the time and the couple married just nine months later.

In the book, McGinniss quotes Rice as confirming the one-night stand.

Quick! Let’s cross reference the age and skin tone of her oldest kid! We just checked…there is no way she’s Barack Obama’s mom. How great would that have been?

Seriously though, we couldn’t make this up. Palin is uber conservative and one would guess what her reaction might have been if Levi Johnston was black. We aren’t saying she’s a racist, but she doesn’t come across as someone who would be super cool with her daughter bringing home L’il Wayne. That’s why this story raises some eyebrows. Hell, maybe she’s actually socially liberal and her whole stupid backwoods game is just an act. Yeah, we don’t really believe that either.

If this is true, she’s technically done nothing wrong other than hooking up with athletes she’s supposed to be covering as a local news anchor. And while that’s wrong, we really don’t care. Still, if this is true, it’s hysterical.


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