Did Raiders Terrelle Pryor Really Score a 7 on His Wonderlic?


Could Terrelle Pryor be Vince Young Part II? He’s tall, rangy, can run real well but not so much when it comes to throwing? He could be! And apparently, their education levels are similar too.

According to Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the Ohio State product didn’t fare too well on the ole’ Wonderlic tests.

“Wonder why Terrelle Pryor made so many on-, off-field bad decisions at #Ohio State? He scored 7 on Wonderlic IQ test. Yes, 7. Al Davis’ QB,”

Yikes! VY Pt. II indeed! You’ll remember that Young reportedly scored a six when he first took the test prior to the 2006 draft. A seven is pretty much just as bad. It’s a 50-question test that you have 12 minutes to take.

You get a point for each correct answer and the questions are IQ style. While some questions are certainly tricky and require some time, the Wonderlic doesn’t ask for a 500-word dissertation on the lesser known causes of the French and Indian War.

Lucky for Pryor though, the Oakland Raiders don’t have a playbook similar to the Wonderlic test. That’s a good thing for everyone involved.

Update: Pryor reportedly took the test a second time and is going by that second score. Still, nobody has denied that the first time he took the exam, he scored a 7.


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