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No Perfect Game: Jim Joyce Made the Right Call

He most certainly did. Now I know that the vast majority of the fans would disagree, including the Tigers, Indians and Jim Joyce himself, but I believe it worked out for the best, and here’s why:

1) Jim Joyce, as a professional baseball umpire for over 20 years, went with his instinct. The instinct which told him to not only get the call right but protect the integrity of the game. And this he did, two perfect games within one week would surely bring that magical accomplishment down a couple of notches, which would certainly lead to questions as to why it is happening so often, should we bring back steroids to avoid such a thing from happening with this frequency, is MLB lacking talented hitters, are the balls tainted, uncorked bats, are catchers stealing signs from the third base coach who’s stealing signs from the pitcher to fake out the hitter? You see, this would open a huge door for discussions, arguments and Senate Committees that the MLB really does not need now. Joyce knew all this, and made the call for the good of the game. We should applaud him.

2) Galarraga was acting like a selfish, spoiled big brother who can’t stand to see his little brother receive any praise, so he attempts to put the spotlight on him once again as quickly as possible. What am I talking about? How about trying to take away Halladay’s spotlight just days after his achievement. I mean, really, he could’ve waited at least a week. I think it was a rude, disrespectful and unprofessional atitude by Galarraga. Oh, and Griffey Jr retired as well? Wow, no one heard about that? I wonder why. So selfish.

3) If Galarraga was able to pitch a perfect game, the second in one week, third this season, it would certainly cheapen the whole accomplishment for the other 20, just like when Sosa and McGwire broke Roger Maris’ record. Too many is just bad for the game. Joyce knew this and decided to take a brave stand and preserve the game and its history.

4) Let’s be honest here, Joyce really did Gallaraga a favor. Ten years from now, will anyone remember the third perfect game in 2010? Unlikely. Who remembers third place? No one. But the FIRST ruined perfect game is a much greater accomplishment and will go down with much more significance in Baseball lore.

5) For all the reasons above, Gallaraga and Leyland should call Joyce back and apologize for disrespecting the game and him. I know Joyce “admitted” and “apologized” but you see,  Jim Joyce is like Batman, he’s not the hero we want, but the hero we need.

Thank you, Jim Joyce, thank you.


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