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Did Dolphins Trade Brandon Marshall Due to Legal Concerns?

Brandon Marshall has been busted at least six times and involved in a New Year’s Eve 2006 fight in Denver that led to a teammate being fatally shot in a drive-by.

Yesterday the Chicago Bears traded a pair of third-round picks to the Miami Dolphins for the three time Pro Bowl enigmatic wideout thinking that they were going to reunite Marshall with Jay Cutler and reach the promised land. Before the ink could dry on the media writing about the trade however, the NY Post broke a story that Marshall cold-cocked a woman in a bar on Sunday night.

Did the Dolphins know about this when they made the trade? If so, pretty shrewd move indeed. Can Chicago undo the trade? Don’t think so…

The incident happened about 4am at Marquee, a Chelsea nightclub. We see this type of thing all too often. There just isn’t any reason to be out at that hour unless there is an emergency, you are working, or you are going / coming from work. Nothing good can happen to someone at that hour with only the possibility and inevitability of bad occurrences being the likely outcome.

If NFL owners and GM’s haven’t learned their lesson by now, Caveat Emptor is the first thought that should enter their mind when contemplating adding a problem child to their team, no matter how well the player performs on the field. The Bears now have to deal with this mess because they traded for this Bozo, and because they were greedy, ignoring all the warning signs of trouble, they deserve whatever they get.

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