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Did David Boston Punch a Woman in the Head?

Remember former Arizona Cardinal, Miami Dolphin and San Diego Charger David Boston? He was a first-round pick out of Ohio State and a damn good player for several years. Some speculated that he was a juicer, which would dovetail with him being a beast who eventually couldn’t run a fly pattern without coming out of the game for a play.

Well, David has been busy lately. And when we say “busy,” we mean punching girls in the head.

That’s right, according to a Florida television station, Boston was arrested last night on charges of aggravated battery. He allegedly punched a woman twice in the head and the wound required 10 stitches. It’s not known if he got tired after two punches and had to take a break.

But anyway, he was with two women hanging out in the one woman’s home. Supposedly, they are “strictly friends” and Boston has been staying with her for about six weeks. He was supposed to leave soon to live in a hotel. It sounds like someone was very smart with his NFL money and invested it wisely.

So yeah, he punched this woman twice and then fled the scene when the girls said they would call the police on him. The cops eventually caught up with him and, yeah, here we are. The one woman was concerned when she saw him down a bottle of vodka, a bottle of wine and then shove some pills in his mouth. Look, OTR knows all about drinking, but even we are impressed/concerned with that.

At least it’s not another DUI arrest, David. Can always look at the bright side.


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