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Did Chiefs Almost Fire Haley Last Week?

We’ve known for a while that the seat of Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley has been more than a little warm. The team came out looking like a warm bucket of hamster vomit and throw on top of that the fact that he generally rubs people the wrong way.

Well, according to local radio host Nick Wright, the team came very close to firing him last week had the Chiefs not come back against the Colts.

“Multiple #Chiefs personnel told me Scott Pioli had decided to fire Todd Haley had the #Chiefs lost to the Colts on Sunday,” Wright tweets.

We don’t have any reason to think Wright is making this up. We believe he’s the guy that broke the Jonathan Baldwin vs. Thomas Jones fight story. And this speaks to how much Scott Pioli has had it with Haley.

Kind of a short leash for a guy that made the playoffs last year?

Now, we wonder if it’s a “next loss and you’re gone” policy from Pioli.


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