Did 82 TCU Football Players Fail a Surprise Drug Test?


The TCU sports program may be in even more trouble than originally anticipated.  

As we reported earlier today, four players from the TCU football team were busted in a massive drug investigation on Wednesday that ultimately resulted in 19 total arrests. Based off a pretty substantive six-month inquiry, the Fort Worth and TCU police came to find that linebacker Tanner Brock, defensive lineman D.J. Yendry, offensive tackle Tyler Horn and cornerback Devin Johnson had allegedly been selling hydroponic marijuana to students and fellow players.

A certain portion of the evidence obtained and later cited in an affidavit that was made public on Wednesday recounted conversations that undercover officers had with some of the arrested parties. During two particular conversations with Brock and Johnson, talk turned to a surprise drug test that TCU head coach Gary Patterson had sprung on his players back on Feb. 1.

Here is what Brock had to say (via FOX 4):

"Ya, they caught us slipping," Brock said to the officer according to the court papers. "I failed that [expletive] for sure."

The sworn document goes on, "Brock said that his friend Ty (Ty Horn) looked through the roster today and said that there were only 20 people that would pass the test on the team."

Johnson, for his part, gave a more specific total to the undercover officer:

"What can they do, 82 people failed it."

Obviously a clear total for how many players tested positive isn’t known at the moment, but those high estimates by Brock and Johnson are telling. They also indicate that the drug problem among the football team, and maybe the whole university, is a little bigger than school officials may have initially wanted to believe.

The interesting question that some have been asking today is: why did Patterson spring this surprise test on the team to start February?

According to Yahoo! Sports, a recruit that spurned the school told the coach that the reason he didn’t want to join TCU's football team was because of known drug use by the players. Per the article:

However, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram cited a source saying that a high-level recruit told Patterson he would not attend TCU because of drug use by players. That's what prompted Patterson to spring the pop drug test — on National Signing Day of all days.

In a statement Patterson released today, he unknowingly probably summarized the feelings of everyone who is a part of the TCU community:

"There are days people want to be a head football coach, but today is not one of those days. As I heard the news this morning, I was first shocked, then hurt and now I’m mad.”

How deep will this whole mess eventually go? We’ll find out soon enough.

Update: The results are in...

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