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Did 50 Cent Mess Around with Floyd Mayweather’s Fiancee Shantel Jackson? (Video)

About a month ago, when 50 Cent initially made it known that he would take over as Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s promoter, the news was met with a largely positive reaction. Sure friends working together is always dangerous but, if anyone is smart enough to make it work, 50 Cent – a guy with proven entrepreneurial and business skills – is most definitely who you want behind the wheel.

Further sweetening the deal was 50 Cent’s unofficial pledge to reignite talks with Bob Arum regarding a potential super fight between his boy and Manny Pacquiao. Whereas Arum had shown a pretty blatant reluctance to work with Oscar De La Hoya and his team, he had nothing but kind words for 50.

So, based on everything we’ve seen and heard over the past couple months, all should be good in the world on the Mayweather-50 Cent front, right? Not exactly. Apparently there might be a beef brewing. Via TaleTela:

While the boxer was serving time behind bars for assaulting his ex girlfriend, it was reported that Fiddy and Shantel had been doing the dirty, although it was never confirmed.

Fiddy and Floyd then supposedly cut all friendship ties, but were spotted at the Freelancers premiere on August 7th, where 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson, and Miss Shantel Jackson looked to be getting very close whilst taking pictures.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather then approached the pair and taps Fiddy several times whilst he attempts to pull his fiancé from the rappers grip.

Check out the video footage below...


Is there actually a beef brewing here? Who knows. Heck, who cares, really. 50 hasn’t been able to get a hit in forever, so it’s hard to imagine he’d be able to hit that even if he wanted to. Either way, though, so long as it doesn’t interfere with a potential dream match between Mayweather and Pacquiao, these two can duel to the death over Shantel.

Still, regardless of how much faith you put into unconfirmed reports from mildly questionable gossip sites, that video was cringeworthy as hell.

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