This Dez Bryant vs. Lil Wayne Beef is Already Better than Drake vs. Common

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This beef between Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant and women’s pants wearer Lil Wayne is a welcome distraction for anyone who didn’t care about Drake and Common fighting over Serena Williams. It seemingly has all of the ingredients necessary for a great dispute (teasing, entourages, police, etc.), and none of the womanly slap-fighting that comes standard with Drizzy Drake’s conflicts.

Basically, it all started when reports began to leak that there was some confrontation between Bryant and a “famous rapper” at Club LIV last weekend. The incident was massive enough, apparently, for the police to be called in and an official report to get filed. Anyway, long story short – it later came out via a number of reports that Lil Wayne was the “famous rapper” on scene and that he was the one who got into some sort of disagreement with Bryant.

What caused the disagreement? Well, as per our friends at Larry Brown Sports, Wayne and his posse -- most likely Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee and the rest of the seven dwarfs -- were making fun of Bryant’s on-the-field struggles and finances, and that in turn threw the Cowboys wide receiver into an understandable tizzy. Given the fact that Wayne’s own adopted “daddy”/guy he kissed on the mouth that one time once pretended to own an oil company as he was exaggerating his personal wealth, you’d think Weezy would steer clear of stuff like poking at people's money – but no.

On Thursday, in the midst of everyone talking about the situation between him and Wayne, Bryant posted this on his Twitter account:

“Let's quit with the false stories and this man don't have a problem with one another lol.”

The message has since been deleted, but the good folks at NBC were able to capture it first. Why was it deleted? Why was it posted in the first place? That’s all part of the mystery.

Bottom line: there was a lot of huffing and puffing and nothing actually happened. But at least this one isn't over that girl from the U.S. Open.

(Kudos to Larry Brown Sportsand NBC)

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