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Dez Bryant’s Mother to Police Before His Arrest: “He Tried to Kill Me”

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was arrested on Saturday for allegedly assaulting his mother, Angela D. Bryant.

When police arrived on scene they found Angela with a swollen wrist and thumb, and bruising on her upper arms. According to USA Today, their particular altercation occurred when Angela tried to stop a different quarrel between Dez and his half-brother.

In response to her attempts at intervening, Dez reportedly knocked his mother away, hit her in the face and then pushed her in the chest.

The 23 year old was eventually charged with family violence – a misdemeanor punished by a maximum of one year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

On Tuesday, the Dallas Morning News was able to get audio and transcripts of the call Bryant’s mother made to police. Here are some of the more troubling parts:

Comment before the operator answered: “He tried to kill me.”

First comment after the operator answered: “My son has assaulted me.”

Where is he at?

“He’s here now.”

Which way did he go?

“I think he probably went down to his house. I couldn’t see where he turned at. Hey, where is it that Dez lives at? (talking to someone in the background) I don’t know where he went. … I can’t keep letting him do this. I can’t keep letting him do me like this. I’m tired. I’m going to put an end to it today. I’m tired. … Is an officer coming?”

Are you injured?

“No. I got some scratches on me and my clothes have been torn off. He tore my shirt off and pulled my hair.”

You sure you don’t want a paramedic to check on you?

“No. I don’t think I need it.”

When he found out that the police were looking for him, Dez submitted himself into their custody without incident.

The Dallas Cowboys issued this brief statement regarding Bryant’s arrest: "We are in the process of gathering information and will not have a comment at this time."

It remains to be seen whether the league will take any action against Bryant for this latest happening.

(Kudos USA Today, Dallas Morning News, ESPN Dallas)

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