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OSU's Dez Bryant Fires Back at Critics and the English Language

Oklahoma St. WR Dez Bryant has been called by some experts the best WR prospect to come out since Calvin Johnson in 2007. But there have also been questions about his desire to play football, with some reports claiming that he showed up late to games and forgot his cleats at his Pro Day recently.

Well, Dez has had enough, and he tells the AP that he’s going to prove a lot of people wrong. And he does so while not-so-subtly butchering the living hell out of the King’s English.

“I’m not the type of person that will try to confront somebody but now I feel like it’s gone too far. It’s gone too far,” Bryant said. “I ain’t never got in trouble with nobody. I never said anything. I don’t say anything wrong to nobody. I’m friendly. This here is too far.

“What do this got to do with me playing football? Even if I did forget my cleats, what do that have to do with me playing football? I don’t think it has anything to do with me playing football.”

We like that he has a chip on his shoulder and wants to get out there and prove people wrong. It seems like he could be an elite player. But that doesn’t mean that the president of Oklahoma State University is excited about reading these quotes. We’ve heard bad grammar, but he’s pretty far from putting a proper sentence together.

“What is this? Y’all don’t want me to go to the NFL or something? It’s going to happen,” Bryant said. “It is going to happen. God blessed me to have this ability to play this game.

“I haven’t did anything wrong to nobody.”

No you haven’t. And you are well within your rights to bust your rear end and go prove all these “experts” wrong. But please, the grammar?

“I don’t look for trouble. I don’t find trouble or none of that stuff. I’m not a troublemaker,” Bryant said. “Just because I’ve experienced bad things, that don’t make me no bad person. That don’t make my mom a bad person. My mom overcame a lot of adversity just as well as I have.”

We don’t think Bryant is a bad kid. Lazy and not always diligent? Perhaps, but we don’t know for sure. The only thing we know for sure is that Bryant should be glad that the NFL involves playing football and not writing essays.


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