NBA: Dexter Pittman Safe, Heat Release Stackhouse


The Miami Heat have had their fair share of struggles so far this season; first, Mike Miller went down with a thumb injury before the season started and now Udonis Haslem is reportedly out until at least the All-Star break.

One of the Heat’s biggest issues thus far has been their lack of an interior presence. Even with Haslem in the lineup the Heat struggled to defend down low, box out, and grab rebounds. Now that Haslem is out, and Chris Bosh incapable of filling the void, the Heat went after one of the few available big men in the league, Erick Dampier.

Originally, it was reported by many that the Heat would release either Jamaal Magloire or rookie Dexter Pittman to make room for Dampier; however, the team has cut Jerry Stackhouse instead, making Pittman’s job safe for another day.

Early in the season the Heat had a few games where they blew out their opponent, which would have been a great opportunity to give Pittman some minutes. Unfortunately, head coach Erik Spoelstra didn’t take advantage of those opportunities and now with the Heat struggling against mediocre teams, and the addition of Dampier, it is unlikely Pittman will see time on the court any time soon.

Hang in there Big Pit, your time will come.


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