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DeSean Jackson Trolls LeBron With Kobe-Jordan Picture

Washington Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson made it no secret yesterday that he’s not a LeBron James fan.

Jackson posted a picture to his Instagram last night of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant laughing at an All-Star game with a direct shot at James written in.

The caption reads “Just remember … We didn’t have to team up with 2 of the top 5 picks in our own draft class along with the greatest 3-point shooter ever to finally win rings.”

Here it is:

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Given that Jackson is a Los Angeles native, there’s a good chance he’s a Kobe fan. We could sit here and get into how Jordan and Bryant both won their titles with other Hall of Fame caliber players, but you probably know all of that. Let’s just enjoy this one for what it is: another athlete far less accomplished than James taking a shot at him.


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