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Danny Ferry Resigns as GM of Cavs, LeBron James Kills Another Career

LeBron James should change his nickname from King to Career Killer.

In a not-too-surprising turn of events, Danny Ferry resigned as general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers today.

Ferry’s decision comes after five seasons of success in the regular season since James’ arrival, but an inability to advance in the postseason. A few weeks ago, the Cavaliers were elimated by the Boston Celtics in the second round of the 2010 NBA Playoffs. This marked the second time in two years that the team did not advance to the NBA Finals.

The move comes two weeks after the team fired head coach Mike Brown, and as the they continue to make steps they hope will please James, their two-time MVP winning free agent.

Ferry was in the final year of his contract, and he told reporters that the decision not to renew his deal was a mutual agreement between him and owner, Dan Gilbert.

"I thought it was important that there was as much clarity as possible in the organization at this time, so things could start moving forward," Ferry told The Associated Press. "It's important then whomever is hired as the head coach knows, feels and understands the people he is going to work with."

Assistant general manager, Chris Grant will takeover Ferry’s responsibilities while the team looks for a replacement.

Ferry did not give any details as to why he was resigning, however, sources close to the situation suspect that it had something to do with the massive overhaul the Cavaliers are going through.

It’s been said that the Cavaliers’ decision to fire Brown, with whom Ferry worked with in San Antonio and was extremely close with, created a divide between the general manager and owner. Ferry, for his part, said there were no hard feelings between him and Gilbert.

"It is the right time to move on," Ferry said. "Chris is prepared to do a great job. This will be a natural transition for him. He's done everything that a GM does at every level."

Ferry led the Cavs through the most successful period in their history, peaking with the club's first finals appearance in 2007.

The team went 272-138 during Ferry's five seasons.

Ferry said the club's strategy to re-sign James will not be heavily impacted by his decision to resign.

Gilbert issued this statement regarding Ferry’s decision:

"For five years, Danny Ferry was instrumental in leading the establishment of a culture, process and professionalism that has become part of the fabric of the definition of 'who' are the Cleveland Cavaliers. Danny worked extremely hard to create this strong foundation that we will continue to build upon going forward with much gratitude and appreciation," Gilbert said. "This solid foundation is evident by the natural and clear choice to choose his close associate, Chris Grant, whom Danny worked in partnership with for his entire five years leading the Cavaliers front office, to succeed Danny as the Cleveland Cavaliers new general manager."

Bodies are dropping left and right in Cleveland as a result of James’ free agency. With so many teams trying to make so many different pleas for the King’s services, you have to wonder what the state of the Cavaliers franchise will be if James chooses to go elsewhere.


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