Derrick Rose, Bulls Frustrated For Lackluster Effort


The Chicago Bulls have lost any rhythm they’ve had this season. They have lost six of their last eight games and just look out of sync. Derrick Rose talked about his frustration after the Bulls’ 108-94 loss to the Cavaliers for their second consecutive loss.

"Everybody has to be on the same page," Rose said. "Until then, we're going to continue to get our ass kicked."

The Bulls have been playing withouth starters Joakim Noah and Mike Dunleavy with injuries, so it’s not necessarily the losing that frustrates the team but more of the effort the guys are giving.

“There's no excuses,” Rose said. “My biggest thing is competing. Playing this game for so long, when you don't have that edge, we're going to keep getting our ass whupped."

It’s not like the Bulls don’t have the talent and players to win games. This losing stretch comes right after the Bulls had won 13 of 15 games, including seven straight victories.

"We got to decide when enough's enough," head coach Tom Thibodeau said. "The way we're playing is not acceptable, so we have to change it."

They do have to change it, and quickly; the Bulls enter a tough part of the schedule as they have games against the Spurs, Mavericks and Heat this week, before starting a West Coast trip starting with the first-place Warriors.

"We're not playing well in any aspect of the game, so we're not giving ourselves a chance to win," Thibodeau said. "Usually if you're playing great defense and you're rebounding the ball and keeping your turnovers down, you're going to be in position to win no matter who you're playing against, no matter where you're playing. No matter who's playing.

"But if you don't do those three things, then you're not going to be in position to win. We've been able to overcome injuries because we've been able to do that. Right now we're not a multiple-effort team, we're not concentrating, we're not doing our job. We got to change that. We got to change it."

Source: ESPN / Photo Credit: Wikipedia


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