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Derek Jeter says he doesn’t know much about Fantasy Baseball

Have any of you ever tried to get an exclusive interview with Derek Jeter? I didn’t think so. It’s not the easiest thing in the world. To suggest that the New York Yankee Captain’s time before a game is in demand by sportswriters, Yankees staff and other people at the stadium is a gross understatement. Derek was kind enough to give our Scott Engel a moment of his time though before Wednesday’s battle in the Bronx against the Boston Red Sox.

Despite imminently crossing the 3,000 hit mark, we all know that Derek is the ultimate team player and has never been one to be accused of selfishly playing for personal stats.

For some reason it strikes me as a bit odd that while currently hitting .263 with 2 HRs, 16 RBI and 34 RS Derek claims, “I don’t know much about Fantasy Baseball”.  I’m not so sure that’s the case. In fact, have a feeling that if you asked him the same question sometime between 1996 and 2009 that he knew quite a bit about it.

Step inside the Yankees clubhouse with Scott Engel, courtesy of and Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio

Florida Marlins Fire Hitting Coach in Mindless Move

In one of dumbest in-season coaching moves of all time, after losing 3-2 in 10 innings Wednesday to the Arizona Diamondbacks, their seventh consecutive loss, the Florida Marlins have thrown their hitting coach John Mallee under the bus. Mallee has been fired and replaced with former major-league player Eduardo Perez, son of Tony Perez.

I completely understand that it’s easier to fire a coach to shake things up than fire your entire roster, but last night’s firing just has no sound logic or reasoning behind it.

  1. Was it John Mallee’s fault that Josh Johnson is on the DL and Javier Vasquez is pitching to a 6.50 ERA?
  2. During their seven game losing streak the Marlins were in fact shut out one time, however they still averaged 3 runs per game including putting up 5 runs on three of the seven occasions. The team scored 5 runs in three games and won none of them and it’s the hitting coach’s fault?
  3. Was it Mallee’s fault that All-World shortstop Hanley Ramirez was on the DL and hitting .210 with 4 HR and 17 RBI on the season? Ramirez back is so bad that he can barely stand up. Did I miss something? Did Mallee do a Tonya Harding and hit him with a bat?
  4. Coming into this week entering Monday, the Marlins were tied with the Angels with a rank of 16.5 in our MLB Power Rankings with a +1 on the year, scoring 237 runs and giving up 236. The Marlins are 18th in MLB in runs scored and also 18th in runs given up, and that’s the hitting coach’s fault?
  5. Mallee, who had been with the organization for 10 years, was a minor-league hitting instructor who has a long successful history of working with several of the Marlins’ young players, including Logan Morrison, Mike Stanton, Chris Coghlan and Gaby Sanchez. To jettison him now with so many of these players as the core of the team is a mindless act.
  6. Mallee’s replacement, Eduardo Perez, was a journeyman player. Over a 13-year career, Perez was a .247 hitter with 79 HR and 294 RBI. Was the announcement of hiring Eduardo a typo? If they really meant to say that they hired his father, Hall of Famer Tony Perez, I don’t have much of a gripe here, but if it’s Eduardo they actually hired, it appears that the only thing he knows about hitting is that it’s hard to do…..

No Hanley Ramirez + no Josh Johnson = no wins, it’s that simple. This was stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Texas Rangers Fire Hitting Coach Thad Bosley

After just arguing how stupid it was to fire Mallee, I have no energy left to tell you how dumb this firing was. The Rangers entered Monday 2nd in our MLB Power Rankings. Their offense is second in the AL in hitting at .264, firth in the league with runners in scoring position at .262, and fourth in the league in runs scored with 291. And that’s without both Nelson Cruz and Josh Hamilton for half the time!

Bosley, who was hired in November after Clint Hurdle left to take over as the Pittsburgh Pirates manager, was with the club less than three months. According to multiple sources, there was poor communication between Bosley and a number of the team’s hitters. Poor communication? What poor communication? Let the guy poorly communicate all the way to the World Series. Whatever the guy was doing / not doing was certainly working, the Rangers have one of the best offensive teams in all of MLB.

Scott Coolbaugh who had been the hitting instructor at Triple-A Round Rock is now the new guy. I hope he doesn’t come in and start communicating and mess things up…..

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