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Nuggets Demanding 5 First Round Picks for Carmelo Anthony

As the February 24th trade deadline slowly approaches, the talks between the Nuggets and whoever wants the services of All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony are getting more and more ridiculous.  Specifically, the talks with the New Jersey Nets.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports was told by league sources that the Denver Nuggets are holding firm on a trade demand of five future first-round picks in exchange for Melo.  Five first-round picks!  There’s a bunch of other ‘this guy goes here,’ ‘this expiring contract goes there,’ and ‘these teams need to get involved, too,’ but there’s no reason to get into that.  Why?  Carmelo Anthony will not be going to the New Jersey Nets. 

The Nets are tremendously desperate to add Carmelo Anthony to the roster.  They’ll do anything; hence, the Nuggets standing firm on their crazy request.  However, Carmelo is not-so desperate to head to New Jersey to play for a team that Lebron James just stated should be eliminated from the leauge. 

So, listen to all the rumors you want, but there will be only one destination for Melo…The New York Knicks.  If he was smart, he would consider Chicago, as well.  But the New Jersey Nets?  I don’t think so.


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