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Denver Nuggets Coach George Karl Hates the Los Angeles Lakers

There are certain beefs in the NBA that are just understandable. You can see why the Boston Celtics hate the Miami Heat. You can see why the Phoenix Suns hate the Los Angeles Lakers. You see why the Brooklyn Nets hate the New York Knicks. You can see why NBA referees hate Mark Cuban. You can see why everyone hates David Stern.

And because NBA rivalries are for the most part so reasonable, this quote from Denver Nuggets coach George Karl makes a lot of sense:

“I can’t deny that I just despise the Lakers,” Karl said Monday (via the Denver Post). “There’s a bigger (description) for it (that I can’t use in public). I’ve been beaten by them too many times. I didn’t expect them to be bad this season, but when they got Steve Nash, I can’t deny I was really upset.”

According to the Post, Karl also sent Mitch Kupchak a friendly text following the Nash deal in which he suggested that Kupchak had a rabbit’s foot up his you-know-what. (Although, really, if you were to get a rabbit’s foot stuck up there, it’s debatable how lucky you actually are.)

All of Karl's modesty aside, it’s safe to say that he and his Nuggets are going to be legit this year. Maybe they’re not at the level of the Lakers or Oklahoma City Thunder, yet, but they are definitely going to mess with both teams in the regular season and the playoffs.

Karl should hate the Lakers – his team is going to have some real wars with them this year.

(Kudos Denver Post, Larry Brown Sports)

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