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Denver Broncos Quit on 2011 by Sticking with Tim Tebow

The arguments for starting Tim Tebow have always come from the same angle:

“The Denver Broncos aren’t going to do anything in 2011. Why not start Tebow so the Broncos can see what they have?”

Forgive me for preserving an iota of hope for this season, but I’ve seen enough. The Tim Tebow Experiment is over. Let Kyle Orton, a competent, experienced, albeit inconsistent quarterback, take over again. There is still a nine-game season to salvage.

Not worth it, you say? You’d rather tank the season for Andrew Luck, you say?

The Broncos are seven games in, sitting at 2-5. Team-for-team, the rest of the division is all at 4-3. That’s a two-game deficit with nine games to play.

Are Broncos fans really giving up already? Have we really succumbed to that much malaise?

We’ve given up hope without a quarterback, but we’re going to let Matt Cassel win this division again?!

The Kansas City Chiefs started the season at 0-3. They lost by 37 points to the Buffalo Bills, 45 points to the Detroit Lions (10 more than the deficit by which the Broncos lost last week), and three points to the San Diego Chargers. All hope seemed lost in Missouri, even after winning two close games against winless teams to move to 2-3. Those were hardly impressive victories, considering the opponents.

But the team started believing. They traveled to Oakland and blew out the Raiders 28-0. They followed that up with an impressive, albeit lucky victory against the San Diego Chargers in overtime Monday night. They now have four straight wins, a 4-3 record, and are first place in the AFC West. Don’t tell me a turnaround isn’t possible.

And don’t tell me the Kansas City Chiefs would rather be 2-5 and putting up a fight in the Andrew Luck contest than sitting at 4-3 right now. There isn’t a player or fan who would trade places with a Denver Broncos counterpart right now.

There’s reason to believe, Broncos country. The Broncos actually boast the most impressive win in the division: their Week 2 victory against the 5-2 Cincinnati Bengals is actually the most statistically impressive win of the AFC West this season. Only the Raiders can claim a similar victory, their Week 2 win against the 5-3 Houston Texans, and Denver’s is still better.

Three of the Broncos’ five losses came by a mere three points. Take out blowouts from the Green Bay Packers and Lions — two of the best teams in the NFL so far this year — and the season doesn’t look so lost.

But they won’t go far this season with Tebow.

Starting Tim Tebow is like raising a white flag on the season. Broncos’ opponents admit that they are daring our quarterback to “be a quarterback.”

Did you read comments from Broncos’ opponents last Sunday? John Fox and John Elway are going to lose this locker room quickly, for 2011 and beyond, if they keep this up.

Kyle Orton at least gives them a knowledgeable leader who can read defenses and throw accurately. He can get rid of the football before he is sacked. He’s inconsistent, but he’s not consistently awful. Can he lead a comeback victory in the fourth quarter? Not often, no. But he has.

The Broncos are going to give Tebow, and themselves, another week to see if the Experiment can work. They’re going to keep tweaking the playbook and gameplan to try and use Tebow to his fullest potential. They want to see if Tebow can make his magic happen outside of the final minutes of the game.

Why bother? Tim Tebow just isn’t ready. Maybe he will be someday, but it behooves the Broncos to do right by the other 52 men on this roster. Give them something to fight for. We’ve seen what there is to see in Tebow.

It wouldn’t take something extraordinary to win this division, and I’ll take Kyle Ortonary over Tim Terrible every Sunday.


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