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Denver Broncos Officially Name Tim Tebow Starting Quarterback

Second year quarterback Tim Tebow has been named the Denver Broncos starter for the remaining eleven games of the 2011 season, multiple news sources are reporting.

Broncos head coach John Fox informed the team on Tuesday that Tebow will be the starting quarterback for the team’s Week 7 road game against the Miami Dolphins (a game in which the Dolphins will honor Tebow at halftime).

The Dolphins to this point have not won a game, while the Broncos have one victory under their belt.  Following the game in Miami, the Broncos will return home to face the Detroit Lions before traveling to Oakland to take on the Raiders.

The Lions, as of now, are undefeated and the Raiders beat the Broncos in the season opener, 23-20.  With games against the Chiefs, Vikings and Dolphins remaining, Tebow may be able to lead the Broncos to several victories.  The question is, how many victories is enough?

If the Broncos end up finishing the season with only five-six wins, they may receive a high draft selection next April.  There are several teams in the NFL (Colts, Chiefs, Vikings) that probably won’t win more games than the Broncos this season, putting Denver out of the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

A top ten or even top fifteen pick would put the Broncos in the range of Matt Barkley or LandryJones, two other top quarterback prospects in the upcoming draft.  So Tebow controls his own fate moving forward.

For Tebow, it’s win, and the Broncos are knocked out of contention for a top quarterback prospect (and don’t have a need for a new quarterback).  Lose, and EFX will undoubtedly find “their guy” in April.

That’s a tall task for Tebow.  Do you think he is capable of convincing the Broncos coaching staff and front office that he canlead this team for more than just the remaining eleven games of the season?


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