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Denver Broncos Fan Embarrasses Himself, Family with Awful Tim Tebow Tattoo

Denver Broncos fans are an understandably touchy bunch. First, they got chastised up and down the media airwaves for maintaining that Tim Tebow would be a wonderful NFL quarterback. Then, when Tebow came out and actually proved that at the very least he’s a capable NFL quarterback, people continued to mock Broncos fans.

We actually feel bad for Broncos fans here at Opposing Views, if you can believe it. But stupid is stupid, and getting an absolutely horrendous tattoo that says “Tebow Time” on your thigh is stupid.

A quick Google Images scan confirmed that the above monstrosity actually isn’t even the worst example of a person defiling their skin with a reference to Tebow. That dubious honor goes to this clown:

Image placeholder title

Look at it this way, Broncos fans. Next time you’re facing the tough decision of whether or not to dedicate a body part to Tebow and are unsure of what path to follow, just ask yourselves: WWTD?

(Kudos to The Big Lead and Deadspin for the find)

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