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Denver Broncos Analysis: Why Tim Tebow is Better than You Think

Is it magic that sees Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos riding a four-game win streak? Or is there statistical substance behind what some see as smoke and mirrors?

Kerry Byrne of breaks down the numbers in this phenomenal piece for Sports Illustrated.

Tebow is no statistical circus freak winning in spite of himself. Tebow’s Broncos are winning because he consistently outperforms the opposing quarterback when you take into account all aspects of production: passing, running, sacks, total touchdowns, interceptions and fumbles. In fact, he consistently outperforms them by a wide margin.

Byrne goes on to reveal some very interesting numbers about Tebow’s success in finding the end zone and not forfeiting turnovers.

If Tebow can extend these trends beyond this small sample size, he’ll take the Broncos far indeed. He’s certainly earned that chance.

Tebow’s success due to production and protection, not magic [Sports Illustrated]


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