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Denver Broncos Analysis: John Elway Still Not Sold on Tim Tebow?

With much of the greater Denver area celebrating Tim Tebow’s 4-1 record as the starter and getting out the anointing oil, there is one person who isn’t ready to start popping the bubbly just yet. And, he’s kind of important.

That’s right, don’t count team president John Elway among those who are getting carried away in the hype.

“Tim Tebow did exactly what he thought he could on Thursday night. When we get in tough situations, he’s a guy that’s going to be able to make those plays,” Elway said on his radio show.

But, that doesn’t mean Elway thinks they have their guy.

Host Gary Miller asked if Elway is, “Any closer to feeling if you have your quarterback on this team,” Elway answered, “No.”

“I think obviously he’s making progress week in and week out. When you look at our third down numbers, those have to improve. I mean, that’s the bottom line,” Elway said. “We can’t go 3-for-13 and win a world championship. Those are the type of things we have to keep improving.”

I’m not surprised. Watching the Broncos offense with Tebow doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that this little run can continue.


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