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Dennis Rodman Returning to North Korea in August

Former NBA star and current unofficial U.S. ambassador, Dennis Rodman, will make another trip to North Korea later this year.

After his initial venture to Kim Jong Un’s country raised some eyebrows, Rodman responded to the criticism with a yawn and promises of more of the same.

While appearing at a charity event on Saturday night, Rodman told Jose Lambiet's Gossip Extra that he is heading back to North Korea on Aug. 1. Apparently, he is operating under the assumption that the 29-year-old leader won’t do anything hasty between now and then that will lead to his untimely demise.

“We have no plans, really, as far as what we're going to do over there,” Rodman said.

After returning from his first trip to North Korea, Rodman said that he wanted to open the lines of communication between Kim and President Barack Obama. That hasn’t happened yet, but the 51-year-old Hall of Famer remains hopeful.

Sources: Newsmax, Politico, Gossip Extra


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