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Dennis Rodman Meets with Estranged Dad After 42 Years, Plays Ball with Scottie Pippen (Video)

Dennis Rodman has had something of a busy 24 hours.

It all started when he and and his former Chicago Bulls teammate Scottie Pippen linked up with the other assorted US Professional Basketball Alumni to play in the 2012 PLDT All Star Basketball Challenge.

Naturally, they won.

But that wasn’t the highlight of Rodman’s night.

No, the far more interesting and noteworthy thing that happened actually occurred at halftime of that game, when Rodman grabbed the microphone and introduced his father. His estranged father who he hadn’t seen in 42 years.

As reported by PhilStar:

Rodman grabbed the microphone during a timeout in the final 16 seconds of the game and surprised the crowd especially his father.

"I haven't seen my father in 42 years. But that's him sitting right there," said Rodman who directed his eyes on his father sitting in the patron section.

"I'm surprised my father did not show up. I do not hate the man who brought me into this world. It's just that I have not seen him since he left me when I was five. If ever he would come to watch the game, I'll shake his hand," said Rodman.

Sure enough, there he sat in the stands – wearing a cap reading Yes, Dennis Rodman is my son.

Philander Rodman Jr., a man who according to the Huffington Post previously publicly acknowledged fathering 29 children by 16 mothers, has resided in the Philippines for over 50 years.

Yes, we are all thinking it: this does explain a lot.

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(Kudos PhilStar, HuffPo, SLAM)

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