Demetrious Johnson Trained Very Hard for UFC on FX Showdown vs. Ian McCall

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Although his opponent, Ian McCall, has stated he does not expect Demetrious Johnson to get any better between March and tonight, "Mighty Mouse" sure expects to have improved his overall game—and he said so:

"Ian McCall is the toughest dude I ever fought in my life and we're gonna do it again… As for preparations for him exactly, I'm working on my wrestling because that's something I need to work on and my jiu-jitsu and really focusing on the holes in my game and making me a better fighter all round," admitted Johnson honestly.

Even though "Mighty Mouse" feels as if he won he and McCall's first go-around in the Octagon, Johnson remained insistent on revving up his training with an unorthodox underwater brick training exercise à la BJ Penn.

"It's a ten-pound water brick and basically what you do is swim down to one end and swim down to the other without the brick then you grab the brick and swim underwater with the brick as far as you can go then you come up and tread water with the brick in your hand for 20 seconds.

"Then you drop the brick and swim to the other end and then swim back and wherever you dropped the brick that's where you pick it up then swim underwater with the brick then go back and swim without the brick and repeat that."

To see if Johnson's hard work will pay off against McCall, tune in to UFC on FX's main event, with coverage beginning at 9 PM EST.

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