Demetrious Johnson Happy About Looming Fight vs. Ian McCall

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Although Demetrious Johnson and his coaches thought he did enough to earn the nod over Ian McCall in the UFC's inaugural Flyweight fight in March, which kicked off the four-man tournament to determine the division's first champion, the judges saw it another way.

Despite the initial tabulation error that "gave" the fight to Johnson, the official ruling was a majority draw. Rather than become embittered about having to rematch with a man he feels he already beat, Johnson is looking forward to his second crack at "Uncle Creepy."

"I don't look at it as I have more to lose," said Johnson. "I'm seeing this as a way for me to go back out there, and do it all over again.

"I told my coaches the other day that I'm glad I get to rematch him because I feel sharper. I feel like I've gained a lot more this time around in training camp. My body is not banged up, and I just feel better."

Additionally, for the fighter who competed at the 125 lb. mark for the first time in March, the rematch provides an opportunity to fine-tune his weight cutting technique.

"When I was doing my weight cut, it was just way too easy. I felt good the first round, but as the fight progressed, I started to feel my body slowing down, being sluggish, not having enough string on my punches. This was the first time in my UFC career that I've slowed down in a fight, and that's because of my diet, and my own being hard-headed, and not listening to my coaches.

"I feel like if I had gotten the nod, and went on to fight Joseph, I would have been like `Oh, my weight cut was good because I beat Ian McCall. I don't need to work on very much; just stay on the same steady track.' But at some point, I took a lot of steps backward to fix my game, and my mindset, and now I feel good."

Now training full-time with the highly respected Matt Hume at AMC Pankration in Washington, Johnson feels focused and in shape, ready to showcase once more what he refers to as the, "typical "Mighty Mouse" approach-- relentless pace, moving, head movement, making my opponent miss me a lot, and just tagging him whenever I can."

To catch the rematch between Johnson and McCall in the evening's main event, tune in to UFC on FX, with main card coverage beginning at 9 PM EST.

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