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Kings DeMarcus Cousins Wants to Show Up Nets Derrick Favors

As much as DeMarcus Cousins has a lot to be thankful for, he also a lot to be angry about. He missed an opportunity to win a National Championship while at Kentucky, he has had to field character issue questions ever since high school, and he slipped in the 2010 NBA Draft due to concerns about his mental stability.

For the most part, Cousins has taken all of the bashing in stride. However, he recently let the world in on what he plans do to when he faces the four teams that passed on him.

”I believe everything happens for a reason,” Cousins said. ”But I can’t wait to play [the teams that passed on me] because I’m going at their necks, especially the big that got picked before me.”

The big Cousins is referring to is Derrick Favors, former Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket taken by the New Jersey Nets with the third pick in the draft. Thus far, Cousins has been the better player, averaging 14.5 points and 9.8 rebounds in summer league play and an even better 16 points and 10 rebounds during the Kings preseason games.

Favors, on the other hand, has done little other than have his name mentioned in Carmelo Anthony trade rumors. He struggled in summer league, and is averaging 7.5 points and 6 rebounds per game during preseason. Not what you would expect from the third pick in the draft. But don’t count Favors out just yet. It’s extremely early in his career and his is starting to show improvement in his game. With trade rumors behind him for now, we may soon start seeing that raw athletic ability mold into shape.

Cousins will have his first shot at Favors and the Nets come Friday, October 29th. However, don’t expect much from the two rookies, as it will be a preseason game. The real battle will begin Friday, November 19th, when the two face off in Sacramento, in what should be a dogfight.


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