DeMarcus Cousins Gets Suspended 2 Games for Altercation with Spurs Announcer Sean Elliot


Sean Elliot is an extremely annoying, homer San Antonio Spurs announcer. It’s important to get that characterization of him out of the way immediately. It's not an exaggeration. There is no anti-Spurs bias at work here. It’s just who Elliot is, to a tee. He's annoying, and he's a homer.

Recently, after Elliot said some not-so-nice things about him, DeMarcus Cousins confronted the Spurs announcer and the pair had something of an aggressive exchange. Nothing got too out of hand, but the incident was big enough to catch the NBA’s eye. After a brief investigation, the league decided to fine Cousins for two games.

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

The NBA suspended the Kings' center for two games without pay Sunday for "confronting Spurs announcer Sean Elliott in a hostile manner" after Friday's loss to San Antonio at Sleep Train Arena.

The suspension will cost Cousins $94,653. He was already in Los Angeles for Sunday's game against the Lakers but was not allowed to attend.

You can’t fault the league for doing what it did here. Players cannot confront announcers who speak ill of them. That sort of behavior can’t stand, and the NBA is right to send a loud message. However, Elliot’s words during the game deserve a bit of extra attention, too. There is a reason so many fans universally despise his commentating – he purposely antagonizes. Again, that doesn’t justify Cousins’ decision to do what he did, but it would be nice if the league was as conscientious about handing out blame when it comes non-players as it clearly is when it comes to players.

(Kudos Sacramento Bee)

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