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Kings Demote Cousins to Bench, Rookie Shows Maturity

Now that Kings center Samuel Dalembert is healthy, head coach Paul Westphal has decided to replace DeMarcus Cousins as the team's starting center. Much to the dismay of character issue proponents, Cousins stepped aside graciously.

“I thought it was a great idea,” Cousins said Thursday after Kings practice. “I think it will really help the team … because I’m still learning. Coming in off the bench, I can how see how the game is, I can learn how aggressive to be and not be. I get the feel of the game a lot better.”

Big time words for a big time rookie.

Cousins has showed signs of greatness in his five starts this season but he has also shown an inability to stay out of foul trouble. In Cousins’ five starts he has fouled out in one game and recorded five fouls in three others. Most of those fouls come early in the game and at this stage are likely due to nerves.

Chances are the demotion to the bench will help Cousins development and allow him to “get the feel of the game a lot better” as he says.

Cousins has averaged 13.4 points and 6.4 rebounds in 22.6 minutes per game so far this season. His 13.4 points ranks third among rookies behind John Wall (23.7) and Blake Griffin (17.0) and his 6.4 rebounds ranks fourth behind Griffin (10.0), Derrick Favors (9.5), and Greg Monroe (7.0).


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