DEA Agents Intercept HGH Shipment Meant for Giants Guillen

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Uh ohhh. Someone has some ‘splainin’ to do. A source tells the New York Daily News that federal agents intercepted a shipment of 50 pre-loaded HGH syringes that were sent to the wife of San Francisco Giants outfielder Jose Guillen back in September.

I guess this isn’t all that shocking as Guillen has a history of getting a hold of banned substances. Back in 2008, Guillen was set to be suspended for 15 games for purchasing HGH, testosterone and other steroids through the Palm Beach Rejuvenation Center from 2002-2005.


The sources said that the DEA contacted MLB’s Department of Investigation about all this to see if other players were involved. Phew! Good thing that Steroids Era is finally over!

Once Guillen’s wife Yamel signed for the package that came to them in San Francisco, the DEA agents identified themselves and she allowed them to search their home. In recent weeks it’s believed that Yamel left the country for the Dominican Republic. Probably a good move.

Regardless, Guillen and his wife will now be involved in a legal mess. You thought no one wanted Guillen on their team before?


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