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Daytona 500 Video: Danica Patrick Crashes at Daytona for 3rd Time

Two laps into her Daytona 500 debut, Danica Patrick crashed her car for the third time in as many races.

During her stint at Dayona speedway (one that has spanned less than a week, mind you), the biggest and brightest star in auto racing has managed to mangle a car and find herself in collisions seemingly every single time she's gotten behind the wheel.

Patrick’s latest crash came on the second lap of NASCAR's biggest event when Elliot Sadler wound up turning Jimmie Johnson who, in turn, hit the wall and proceeded to roll back down the track. Fortunately, Patrick’s experience at being in wrecks paid off and she managed to sustain minimum damage when all was said and done.

After some quick patch work by her team, Patrick eventually returned to the race.

Check out the entire crash, as it happened, in the video below.

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