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NBA Fantasy: LaMarcus Aldridge, Pau Gasol, Kevin Martin, Lamar Odom

The clever word play there is a reference to the 8th loss that the Spurs suffered at the hands of LaMarcus Aldridge and the Portland Trail Blazers. Who, through no coincidence, is our…

Line of the Night:LaMarcus Aldridge (2.57) scored over 40% of the Blazers points: 40 points (16-23 from the field), adding 11 rebounds, and 3 steals. I wonder if players think more about making the All Star team or winning the game when they’re out there dropping 40 points?

Something that happens less often than the Spurs losing is enough snow to close Chicago Public Schools. My wife’s first snow day since becoming a teacher 8 years ago. How’s that for an 8 ball? Check it.

Honorable Mentions: Pau “Mr. Efficient” Gasol (1.86) had 26 points (10-20 from the field, and 6-6 from the line), 16 rebounds, and 4 blocks. Kevin Martin (1.84) was actually slightly more efficient than Pau, but didn’t do quite as good with the other categories: 30 points (4 threes, 8-15 from the field, 10-11 from the line), and 4 assists.

Lamar Odom (1.11) demonstrated his Kevin Love like ability to collect Points and Rebounds with 20 points, and 20 rebounds (plus 4 assists). Now, if only he could do it with Kevin Love like consistency.


Waiver Wire Line of the Night:Chuck Hayes (1.09) was our top free agent contributor, which is kind of sad when you look at his 8 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals. But after the previous two games, that’s probably enough to recommend him, and also the reason for his decently high (for a WW guy) 34% ownership rate.

Pick Up Lines: I did not actually realize that Willie Green (0.94) now played for the Hornets, but last night he had 11 points (5-7 from the field), and 3 steals. Since he’s widely available (1% owned), he might be worth looking at in super super deep leagues.

Samuel Dalembert (0.73) had 2 good looking names before this one, and while this isn’t all that hot, he did play 38 minutes for the Kings, ending up with 4 points, 7 rebounds, 2 steals, and 5 blocks. Since he’s 44% owned, he’s probably gone in most leagues with active owners that are deep enough that he’d have value. Still, worth your time to see if he’s available, and if so, check his stats.

DeJuan Blair (0.70) had his second double-double in a row with 14 points, 12 rebounds, so he’s probably going to go back to being more of a reserve fantasy player now.

Other deep league guys to take a look at:
Jason Smith (0.64) with 20 points (9-11 from the field), 5 rebounds, and 2 steals (3% owned); Donte Greene (0.55) scored 15 points (1% owned); and Derek Fisher (0.49) who contributes every once in a while had 11 points, and 3 steals (13% owned).

Biggest Loser:Carl Landry (-0.51), who I basically consider to be Chuck Hayes’s basketball twin (except with slightly better stats) only had 3 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assists, and 3 turnovers.


Daily rankings and stats come from the GMTR H2H Player Rater (beta version).

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