NBA Fantasy: Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, J.R. Smith


While I was tempted to go with something like “Eastern Medicine Shows Karma is Stored in the Left Ankle” I’m going to focus on the positive instead of again being part of the Hater Nation. We’ll see if that can last, but I’d be kind of happy if I find myself just ignoring a certain team for the rest of the season. And that team is not the Timberwolves…

Line of the Night: On a night when Russell Westbrook had a triple-double (see below), it was Kevin Love (2.61) who got the most love from the Give Me The Rock Player Rater. Love was quite Paugasolian in his efficiency, scoring 35 points with 5 threes, on 13-18 from the field, and 4-4 from the line. He also added 11 rebounds and 4 assists, while turning the ball over only once.

Honorable Mentions: Russell Westbrook (2.14) had 32 points, 10 rebounds, 13 assists, 2 blocks, and Kevin Durant (1.85) added 36 points (13-17 from the field, seems to have his shooting touch back) to hold off the Orlando Magic rally jerseys (it’s when you turn your jersey inside out, duh). Dwight Howard (2.04) did his best, scoring 39 points with 18 rebounds and 2 blocks, but it just wasn’t enough for the win. Of course, with three fantasy performances like that, there’s a lot of fantasy owners who are winners. Speaking of winners, J.R. Smith (1.80) scored 28 points on 8 threes helping the Nuggets to the win over the team they played, and that’ll probably help his fantasy owners to win the three-pointers category. Of course, most fantasy owners probably had Smith on the bench since he had gone 3 games without making a three before that outburst. Making up for lost time like that is only good in Roto, and even then, when you’ve got a games played limit (and I would hope you would) you can’t really afford to have that kind of inconsistency in your lineup.


Waiver Wire Line of the Night:Wayne Ellington (0.84) (apparently making his first appearance on Give Me The Rock) had a nice little Free Agent game in Michael Beasley’s absence, filling up the box score with 11 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 steal, and 1 block. Of course, Beasley is listed as day-to-day, but it seems fairly unlikely that he’ll play Saturday given that he’s rick rolled his ankle 3 times in the last 3 games. The last time Ellington did anything fantasy-worthy, it was when Beasley sprained his ankle in early December. So, if you need a deep league pick up in daily changes leagues, just keep an eye on Beasley’s ankle and pick up Ellington anytime Cool Beas is out.

Ty Lawson (0.72) gave it all he could in the Nuggets blowout win with 13 points, 4 assists, and 3 steals. Could be time for a preemptive pick-up since, you know, there’s that Carmelo Anthony trade that’s coming this week. Or next week. Or last week. Or on the trade deadline. Or never?

Mario Chalmers (0.42) is another guy you can pick when you see a certain someone is going to be sitting out again. Chalmers got 29 minutes last night and scored 14 points on 4 threes with 3 steals.

Biggest Loser:Dwyane Wade (-1.38) had a decent line if you only look at the “cumulative” type stats: 16 points, 4 rebounds, and 4 assists. But he was struggling from both the field, 7-19, and the line, 2-7. I suppose it’s just much easier to defend a team when they only have one real guy to guard. Of course, that rarely seems to stop Kevin Love. Give ‘em the What What, Kev!


Daily rankings and stats come from the GMTR H2H Player Rater (beta version).

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