NBA Fantasy: David Lee, JaVale McGee, Monta Ellis, Kevin Durant


Nels mentioned something about there being only about two and a half weeks left on our beloved fantasy basketball schedule. Yes, sadly, it’s almost over. A little bit like Charlie Sheen’s career. Well that ending is just plain sad.

For some leagues, some teams, it’s already the head to head Finals match-up. If you made it to the finals, congratulations. If you’re battling this week for that great, final battle, good luck. If you’re not in the running, for anything, there’s always next year. Go ahead and get wasted, “Charlie Sheen wasted,” if you want. Well just take it easy on the porn stars.

It’s a tough week ahead for me. I’ve got three head to head finals match-ups. GMTR’s Dynasty League and Standard Readers’ League and an invitational Experts’ League. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, because the teams I’m matched up against are pretty tough.

Line of the Night:David Lee (2.53) produced like two and a half men, or as we know it, a Top-12 caliber player. It’s been a long time and I’m not exactly sure, but I think this is his first LOTN this year. Better late than never, eh? While I’m sure this performance wasn’t enough to make up for his drop due to his New York departure, but at least came out last night and kicked some ass. What more could owners ask for? 33 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals, and 2 blocks…Suh-weetness!

Honorable Mentions:
I owe JaVale McGee (2.46) a cold one. Or two, even. He came through for me on Sunday, clutch-time when it counted most. Yeah, I own Javs in both GMTR leagues and boy did I relish his 28 points (9-12 from the field, 10-11 from the line), 18 boards, and 5 blocks.

Monta Ellis (2.33) was Monta Ellis, with yet another Monta Ellis line. I honestly have to admit that I’m kind of regretting passing him up in a couple of leagues when I had the chance snag him late in the second round. If you can get passed all his TOs this season, Ellis was just awesome. Next season, I’m not going to be shy to draft someone who can give me lines like 37 points (4 threes), 7 rebounds, 13 assists, not shy at all.

Assuming the Sacramento Kings don’t make any major moves, well aside from moving OUT of Sacramento that is, when would YOU draft Marcus Thornton (2.04)? Have we finally seen the last of the once underrated Beno Udrih? Is Thornton here to stay (start)? Lines like 32 points (4 threes), 7 boards, and 4 dimes kind of make a strong case for his future role with the Kings (Royals?). As I said before, he’s a must-watch player going into 2011-12.

Kevin Durant (2.03) had a solid Durantula game, but I’m sorry KD, my vote’s going to D-Rose for MVP this season. Which I’m sure you won’t mind, since my vote doesn’t have any actual bearing on that award. Nonetheless, your 21 points (3 threes, 8-8 from the line), 3 steals, and 5 blocks will not go unnoticed.

While Pau Gasol (1.92) is no longer the Top 3 fantasy stud he was back in the early going of the season, his consistency has been a key factor for his owners’ success this season. Count me as one of them, thrice. Yes, I drafted Pau in both GMTR leagues where I am contesting for GOLD. Win or lose this week, thanks Pau!  Aside from dropping 23 points (9-14 from the field), grabbing 16 rebounds, and blocking 4 shots, our friendly neighborhood Spanish sensation is also now on Twitter. Follow him @paugasol!


Waiver Wire Line of the Night:Marvin Williams (2.12) must have been drinking from Joe Johnson’s Gatorade cup last night. Well he sure played like he was  Atlanta’s franchise star. Consider his 31 points (3 threes, 9-14 from the field, 10-11 from the line), and 7 rebounds as a high-end expectation of his contributions while JJ misses time.

Pick Up Lines: If need steals, if you want steals, if you don’t care about steals but want a solid add for the week, then Tony Allen (2.05) is your man. He had 23 points (9-10 from the field), and 5 steals last night. He’s owned in 34% of leagues, but in case he’s available, he’s fantastic add-drop material for PTS and STL boosting.

When Jared Dudley (1.44) starts or gets a lot of minutes, or both, expect him to deliver the goods. He’s a solid add and his 20 points (6-6 from the line), 5 rebounds, 5 assists, and 3 steals are just money when you need him.  He’s 21% owned in Yahoo.

Biggest Loser:
I was just waiting. I knew it would happen… sooner rather than later… Anthony Randolph (-1.24) was back to being like Superman on a Kryptonite popper binge! After seeing him revert back to his producing lines like 3 points, 4 rebounds, 0 assists, 0-5 from the field, are you even considering drafting him next season?


Daily rankings and stats come from the GMTR H2H Player Rater (beta version).

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