NBA Fantasy: Tony Allen, Gerald Wallace, Wesley Matthews


Line of the Night/ Waiver Wire Line of the Night : Strange things happen at the end of the NBA season. For the third straight day, the best line of the night goes to a waiver wire player. And that is Tony Allen (2.28), who scored 19 points, with 11 rebounds, 6 assists and 6 steals as the Grizzlies walked all over the Pacers 99-78. While this performance certainly represents the high point of Tony Allen’s existence, he has been playing ok enough lately (if a bit inconsistent). While Allen is going to have O.J. Mayo breathing down his neck the rest of the season, if you’re looking for someone to help you in the steals category, Allen is your man.

Honorable Mentions: It took 11 games, but Gerald Wallace (2.18) finally had his first great game for the Blazers. He scored 25 points (on 8-12 shooting), with 6 rebounds, 8 assists, and 4 steals; his teammate Wesley Matthews (1.75) scored 28 points, adding 6 threes and 6 rebounds in the 110-101 win over the Sixers.

Dwyane Wade (1.39) dropped 32 points with 3 blocks on the Nuggets, while LeBron James (1.06) had 33 (points, not blocks); David West (1.36) scored 32 points, with 8 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks in a loss to the Celtics. The Hornets have one of the worst schedules during the fantasy playoff period, so I wouldn’t want to be a West (or CP3 owner) right now; finally Blake Griffin (1.25) had 30 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists as the Clippers took down the Cavs. Griffin has started to slow down in the month of March, probably because it’s tough to play like the Incredible Hulk for the entire season.


Pick Up Lines: Stop me If you’ve heard this one before. Tim Duncan was given the night off against the Bobcats for being “too old”. While Tiago Splitter started in Duncan’s place (and had a pedestrian 8 points and 6 boards), Steve Novak (1.35) was the guy who really benefited. After not getting off the bench in the Spurs previous game, Novak scored 19 points in 18 minutes primarily by hitting 5-8 from three. I don’t think you need us to tell you that even if Duncan were to sit out the rest of the season, Novak makes a bad pickup. Matt Bonner is the white boy you want in that case.

Marco Belinelli (1.32) scored a career high 23 points against the Celtics, adding 5 threes and a couple steals in nearly 37 minutes on the court. When Belinelli gets minutes he generally is able to put up 15+ points with some threes, but the problem is that his minutes are inconsistent even with Marcus Thornton shipped off to Sacramento. Belinelli wouldn’t be the first guy I look at grabbing, but in a deep league he could be worth the risk.

We’re just going to give Jodie Meeks (1.09) a permanent seat at the waiver wire table. Instead of mentioning his name over and over, just know that when the Sixers play, Meeks we’ll be hanging out here with us. His latest line included 17 points and 3 threes in 38 minutes against the Blazers. Other than a dud on Friday, Meeks has scored in double-digits every single game in March.

It’s going to be the only time I even half-heartedly recommend Mike Bibby (1.07) as a waiver wire pickup. Mario Chalmers sprained his knee in the first quarter of the Heat’s game, and as a result Bibby got 34 minutes on the court to finish with 14 points and 4 threes. Chalmers’ injury appears serious (he has an MRI scheduled for today) and it leaves Bibby as the Heat’s only real PG (Dear Carlos Arroyo, it was us, not you, and we made a terrible mistake…). Miami is going to start turning over every rock it comes across looking for a PG, but for now expect Bibby to get a lot of minutes and at least be a decent source of threes for fantasy teams.

Shaun Livingston (1.07) got a little bit of extra run in a blowout loss for the Bobcats and finished with 10 points, 8 assists, and 3 steals. With the team not going anywhere and D.J. Augustin clearly not the PG of any team’s future, maybe Paul Silas will start to give Livingston additional minutes to see what he can do. It’s at least worth a watch in deep leagues.

Samardo Samuels (0.57) had 17 points and 3 steals as the Cavs lost to the Clips. He’s as good a bet as any Cav to finish the year strong; Gerald Henderson (0.54) scored 19 points for the Bobcats with Stephen Jackson out. S-Jax is day-to-day with a sore hamstring, but if he were to shut it down for the season, Henderson becomes a strong add.

Biggest Loser: You mean other than a knife welding crazy dude who ran out on the Staples Center court before the Clippers’ game yesterday?

Roy Hibbert (-0.90) was probably on the court less time than the dude with the knife. Hibbert picked up 5 fouls in only 11 minutes against the Grizzlies, scoring 2 points, with 0 rebounds and 1 assist in the game. Hibbert had been playing decently leading up to this one, so I’d expect him to return to being mediocre for the Pacers next game on Monday.


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