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David Wells Calls Joe Torre a "Coward"

Don't you just love listening to David Wells? The guy holds absolutely nothing back when he talks. If he thought your mother was ugly he'd come right out and say it. You always know where you stand with Wells, that's for sure.

Fresh off Joe Torre lobbying for Mets Manager Jerry Manuel's job, Torre is now catching some more heat. Remember in 2009 when Joe Torre published his book, "Yankee Years" and took a dig at David Wells? Torre wrote,

"The difference between Kevin Brown and David Wells is that both make your life miserable, but David Wells meant to."

At the time, Wells said that he'd, "probably just knock [Torre] out."

Apparently all is not forgiven with David Wells and you're not going to see Wells inviting Torre to his home anytime soon.

In a podcast published on Yahoo's Big League Stew today, Wells had some interesting things to say about his relationship with Torre. Among other things, he gives some interesting behind the scenes insight into the Yankees 1997 pennant race.

"I had [Yankees pitching coach] Mel Stottlemyre come up to me in '97 and tell me they were going to sit me out in the first round against Cleveland," Wells told us. "I said, 'If you're going to sit me out the first round, you might as well just send me home.' That pissed me off because I won like 15, 16 games for them. [...] That's pretty degrading when you have your manager tell your pitching coach to tell you, 'Hey, you're going to sit out,' rather than telling you himself. That's what Joe Torre is to me, a coward.

Wells elaborated further.......

"I don't like him at all. As a manager, I think he's terrible. He wasn't a fair manager. He didn't treat people the same. He definitely didn't treat me the same. He treated me way different than anyone else. If he tells you anything else, he's a liar."

Besides the fireworks it's actually a pretty interesting dialogue. You can listen to the entire interview here. - Brian James

Brian is an independent sports journalist covering major professional sports for over 25 years.

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