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Warriors' David Lee Could Have Serious Injury

Former New York Knick and current Golden State Warrior David Lee suffered a middle finger injury on Tuesday at Team USA practice. Let’s hope he doesn’t get too upset with anyone in the near future because he’ll have one less weapon at his disposal with which to express his displeasure.

At first, no one really knew the severity. But, now it seems like it could be bad. Lee flew to California to have it looked at by a hand specialist and if all goes well, he could return to Las Vegas to rejoin the team.

“I looked down and my finger was completely turned to the side,” Lee said. “It’s possibly a tendon or a dislocation of some sort. It’s something I’ve got to go have looked at either way. Hopefully it’s something I can splint up and play with. That’s up to the doctors to decide.”

Lee said the injury occurred at practice when he tried to block a shot and his finger hit the bottom of the backboard.

Lee’s injury news comes right after Team USA found out that they’d be without the services of Amare Stoudemire because the Knicks say they can’t get an insurance policy on him. And Robin Lopez isn’t at the minicamp because he’s still dealing with back issues.

Team USA is down to 19 players now.


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