David Haye vs. Dereck Chisora: Complete Fight Review

23:00- And so ends part one of tonight’s coverage. I’ll be back at about 3am UK time for Amir Khan’s light-welterweight unification battle with Danny Garcia. Until then, take care- I hope you enjoyed tonight’s entertainment as much as the 35,000 packed into Upton Park. David Haye is back- but for how long? Dereck Chisora has a long, long road back to the top table of heayweight boxing but he will take heart from his performance. Haye just too strong in the end.

Tris Dixon on Twitter: “Haye needed that. Rejuvenated his career with an exciting performance and silenced detractors for a while. Vitali could be tempted.”

22:50- They promised us fireworks and, to be fair, they delivered. David Haye was always going to be a major favourite tonight but you have to be impressed by the way he finished a man who had never previously hit the floor in his career. Perhaps that could be the end of the road for Haye- who really knows? – but either way this was a much better way to bow out than with a broken toe and that disappointing loss to Wladimir Klitschko.

22:40- Haye and Chisora embrace in the ring. Actually the two seem more loved up than Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts at the end of Notting Hill. Haye labels Chisora’s chin “the best” he’s ever come across and says he is sure that the Finchley boy will taste world title glory one day.

But what about Haye? Will the former world champion be given a chance to face Vitali Klitschko or will tonight’s performance scare the 40-year-old into retirement? Adam Booth, Haye’s trainer, seems uncertain if his man will fight again but surely he is good enough to land a version of the world crown?

Oliver Holt on Twitter: “Haye wins by KO in fifth. Explosive finish. Too quick, too good for Chisora”

22:36- That was a pretty satisfactory night for David Haye. Dereck Chisora has showed, if nothing else, a granite chin through his career so far but Haye showed the sort of power and penetration not seen since the Enzo Maccarinelli demolition in 2008.

Tom Howarth on Facebook: “boooooom! have some of that del boy!!”

Guysley on Twitter: “That’s a point. Vitali couldn’t end Chisora.”

Round 5- Say what you will about Haye, the Londoner is fast. He lands a decent right hand and then makes Chisora look slow as he comfortably evades a reciprocal right. Chisora lands a left uppercut on the ropes but nothing the former British heavyweight champion has thrown has matched that left-hook after the bell during the third. The fight seems to meandering to a close but suddenly HAYE explodes with a left-right combination! Chisora is rocked and falls straight to the floor. Chisora just about manages to pull himself up but after throwing a few frantic hooks the underdog is caught by five consecutive shots. Chisora just about manages to get up but the fight is sensibly waved off.

Audley Harrison on Twitter: “Del boy a real plodder.”

Round 4- Has that punch had a major impact on Haye? Chisora lands twice on the ropes but it only serves to sting Haye into action- throwing three single right hands and an uppercut to rock Chisora. The Finchley boy seems to invite Haye in for a moment but does well to recover and tie his rival up. Haye pockets a fourth session. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 40-36 (4-0) Haye

Round 3- Chisora again begins the session regulating the space between the combatants. However, Haye lands a four punch combination to raise a roar from a slightly subdued ringside crowd. The former WBA heayweight king is wearing his trunks very, very high and is breathing a little heavily. Haye lands a right, right on the bell but neither fighter appears to hear the round’s end. Chisora throws a HUGE left hand and lands it flush on the face of the one time cruiserweight supremo. The crowd are awake now! Boxing Fancast scorecard: Haye 30-27 

Round 2- Do not forget that tonight will only involve ten rounds rather than 12- surely an advantage to the former world heavyweight champion. Haye lands a good right and has opened up a little gap between the pair. A much quieter session here and Chisora receives a warning for hitting behind the head. The duo tie up again and Chisora  lands a couple of bodyshots. Haye lands a hook after the bell but there is little in it .Boxing Fancast scorecard: 20-18 Haye

Tris Dixon on Twitter: “David Haye outworks Chisora for round one… Chisora looks far bigger and game, but also far slower.”

Round 1: Here we go and the action starts fast. David Haye makes good on his promise to try and end this fight early as he charges towards his slower foe. Chisora fires a decent right but it is Haye who is looking the more penetrative at this stage. Chisora is full of energy tonight, however, and he has managed the space between the pair well in this first round. The pair tie up on the ropes and Chisora is close with a big clubbing right hand. Haye still snaffles the round though. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 10-9 Haye

22:06- You know you’ve got a big fight on your hands when Michael Buffer turns down a night in Vegas for a rainy night in London, but here he is. Introductions are underway…

22:05- We’ll have Amir Khan’s night in Las Vegas later but for now, to the familiar sound of McFadden and Whitehead’s ‘Ain’t No Stopping Us Now’, David Haye is on his way to the ring.

22:06- You know you’ve got a big fight on your hands when Michael Buffer turns down a night in Vegas for a rainy night in London, but here he is. Introductions are underway… 22:05- We’ll have Amir Khan’s night in Las Vegas later but for now, to the familiar sound of McFadden and Whitehead’s ‘Ain’t No Stopping Us Now’, David Haye is on his way to the ring.

22:00- Dereck Chisora is now in the ring. To the strains of the theme from Gladiator, he slips through the ropes and looks ready for action. I say that, Chisora is wearing his customary face mask and a huge body suit so you have to believe the much-maligned heavyweight is in there somewhere.

Jamie Jackson on Facebook: “come on david haye!”

21:56- Despite the weather and the licencing controversy, this fight has attracted a massive crowd tonight. I reckon we’re looking at around 35,000 people packed into Upton Park tonight. One of  many boxing-following celebrities  has been pretty accustomed to waterworks over the last week or so. If either man can show Andy Murray’s bravery and application tonight, however, they will win.

21:53- We are probably about 10 minutes from the off. The weather is AWFUL. The last time I saw weather like this affecting an open-air card was probably Haye’s battle with Wladimir Klitschko last summer. I’m sure Mr Haye is desperate for a different outcome tonight.

Daily Telegraph’s Paul Hayward on Twitter: ”People pleading for plastic ponchos in the rain at Upton Park as the British summer continues its war on our spirits.”

BoxNation on Twitter: @mrdavidhaye and @dellboychisora ring walks in FIVE MINUTES#BoxNation#LicensedToThrill#HayeChisora#boxing#TeamHaye

21:47- I, for one, am a little surprised to see David Haye back in a boxing ring after his supposed ‘retirement’ last October- particularly against someone outside of the Klitschko family. However, the Londoner is a businessman first and foremost and a reported £3 million pay day was not something he could turn down.

As far as Dereck Chisora is concerned, the last 12 months have not been great. He was overweight and undercooked before losing his unbeaten record to Tyson Fury last July and he has lost two further fights from three since then. In Haye, Chisora could not have asked for a harder test.

21:40- On a dark, rainy night in Munich in February, Dereck Chisora put on a brave, if futile performance as Vitali Klitschko emerged victorious as he defended his WBC heavyweight title in near regulation style. However, Chisora’s brave performance was not the story of the night, for as the world’s media began to turn its back on Munich, a little scrap broke out…

re you ready? Tonight is one of those rare nights for boxing where the wider sporting world sits up and takes notice. This evening’s fight may not be the best advert for the sport but as always, controversy sells fights and generates interest and tonight will be no exception.

My name is Cameron Sharpe and I will be guiding you through events at West Ham’s Upton Park tonight when David Haye and Dereck Chisora lock horns before switching across to Las Vegas later tonight for Amir Khan’s attempt to put a bad six months behind him as he challenges Danny Garcia with the WBA and WBC light-welterweight titles on the line there.

There are loads of ways to get involved tonight. Simply drop a comment in the section at the bottom of the commentary, find us on Twitter, drop us an e-mail (editor@boxingfancast.com) or use the new Facebook fan page. Predicitons, thoughts and reaction to anything that has happened over the last couple of weeks would be welcome.

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