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David Beckham Rages at LA Galaxy Heckler

Soccer star David Beckham has been filmed angrily confronting a heckler who taunted him over the recent affair allegations.

Becks has just filed a lawsuit against a hooker, Irma Nici, who claims she slept with him in a New York hotel room in August 2007, shortly after he joined the LA Galaxy team, and at Claridge’s hotel in London a month later.

The LA Galaxy striker has clearly had his fill of the whole tabloid stink, and went out of his way to tackle a fan who teased him about the allegations.

“Stop with the prostitutes!” shouts the fan as a bare-chested Becks makes his way down the players’ tunnel after a match.

After repeating the insult, Becks strides over to the fan who says, “I didn’t say anything.”

Beckham barks, “Do you want to say it again? Do you want to say it again? You got a Galaxy shirt on! You got a Galaxy shirt on!”he says, seeing the obvious irony.

“Say it to my face!” fumed Becks before packing some serious evils and turning on his heels.

A snitch who witnessed the incident told the News of the World:

“It was a big shock to see David react in such a way. A real shock to everyone.

The guy who yelled out was only young – he looked about mid-20s. He was about 6ft 2in, had blonde hair and wore a navy blue Galaxy jersey.

I was very surprised David Beckham decided to turn around and approach him. He’s an international superstar. I expected him to ignore the comment and keep on walking. I know his team lost, but he looked frustrated throughout the game.”

Poor Becks!


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