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David Beckham Sues Tabloid for $25M Over Hooker Story

David Beckham has emphatically denied cheating on his wife with a prostitute in 2007, according to new legal documents signed by the footballer.

The LA Galaxy star has filed a declaration to a Los Angeles court in his $25 million battle against Imra Nici and the publishers of American magazine In Touch.

The tabloid reported claims he cheated on Victoria Beckham with the $10,000-a-night Bosnian-born prostitute and engaged in a threesome.

The 35-year-old, who has been married for 11 years, accuses Nici of fabricating the entire story, branding her claims ‘unequivocally false.’

In the documents, Beckham states he ‘never met Nici, let alone committed adultery with Nici or paid her for sex.’

‘Irma Nici’s statements have caused me and my family great anguish and emotional distress, and have adversely affected both my personal and professional life,’ Beckham writes.

Nici, 26, claimed she was paid $10,000 cash after sleeping with him on five occasions, including liaisons at the Manhattan’s Le Parker Meridian Hotel and London’s Claridges Hotel in London in 2007.

She is understood to be counter-suing the footballer for ‘emotional and physical injuries.’

She is said to be claiming for the injuries received when a process server arrived at her New York hotel to deliver Beckham’s lawsuit in October.

Beckham’s lawyer Bert H. Deixler wrote to the German-owned magazine before they published the story, saying: ‘Let me make it clear. The story you propose to run about Mr Beckham and a prostitute is a lie.

‘The allegations are unequivocally denied. Publishing them would lead to legal action and end in an enormous damages award against you.’

But the magazine ignored his pleas and carried on to print the claims under the front page headline that read, Beckham Caught Cheating: The Ultimate Betrayal.

The Beckhams have three sons; Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, eight, and Cruz, five.


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