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Dave Batista Talks About Going from WWE to MMA

For a decade, Dave Batista made a living through professional wrestling. In 2010, he left that business to focus on MMA and will make his debut later this year.

While being muscular in professional wrestling may have been beneficial for Batista, it didn't help with his MMA aspirations.

"I think the biggest transition, for me, was to go from being so muscle bound to being more agile because throughout most of my wrestling career I was about 280 to 290 [pounds]," said Batista on Brawl Call TV. "I just couldn't do it cardio wise and wasn't agile enough to fight, so I kept dropping weight and I did it throughout the years with help through my diet to help me get more acclimated."

The changing of his physical appearance wasn't easy, but Batista felt it had to be done.

"It's been hard for me to completely get away from that," said Batista. "At one point I couldn't bring my elbows to my head because they were so far out there and I was getting nailed in the face constantly. It's just one of those things where I had to change my training and body type to drop weight and focus on cardio."

Batista figured he would be able to go from wrestler to MMA fighter with no problem, but that wasn't the case.

"I've been training for years and was thinking I would leave wrestling and walk straight into a fight," said Batista. "That wasn't an easy transition."

Batista makes his debut against Rashid Evans who is 1-2 in his amateur career. He lost his last two fights. The two will meet at CES MMA on October 6.

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