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Darrelle Revis to Vikings, 49ers, Seahawks or Staying With Jets?

Darrelle Revis’s name has been in the news a lot lately despite the fact that he hasn’t stepped on a football field in quite some time. The New York Jets star cornerback has been the subject of many trade rumors in recent days and today is no exception. Revis isn’t doing much to stop them.

In an interview that he did with Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson, Revis said that it would be "awesome" to play for the San Francisco 49ers. Before making those comments, Revis expressed how disappointed he was with all of the trade talk. He said that all the rumors had really "hit home," mostly because he feels he's "one of the best players out there."

Revis spoke a little bit about his relationship with Seahawks secondary star Richard Sherman although the prospect of Revis taking his talents to Seattle seems remote. However it sounds like anything is possible and that Revis is opening to playing just about anywhere at this point.

"Revis Island will be back on the field soon," he said. "I don't know we'll see where the future leads to -- if I'll be back with the Jets or not. It really doesn't matter. I just want to play football."

At least one report from Rant Sports has Revis heading to the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for playmaking receiver Percy Harvin. Minnesota has had problems dealing with Harvin in the past and he is seen as an attractive asset that many other teams would want. The Jets could obviously use the help at wide receiver so the move makes sense in a lot of ways. Revis had this to say about what the Jets need going forward:

"Just looking at how things are working over there, he's trying to clean house to get some great players over there. Get underneath the cap space and get some great guys. That's what we want there. We want guys for Mark Sanchez to throw to, some deep threats, and on defense, we got a couple problems at linebacker we need to fix as well. And on the defensive line."

Trading Revis for help in any of the areas that he mentions might make the most sense for the Jets. Only time will tell.

Source: (Rant Sports)


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