Will Darrelle Revis Sign on "Hard Knocks"?


Today is Darrelle Revis Day in New York. Jets fans will be scouring the internet, checking their favorite news sites, typing his name into Google Search and refreshing their twitter feed on their cell phone all day looking for news that Dallas Morning News columnist Tim Cowlishaw's source was in fact correct and Revis and the Jest would come to terms today..... or at least announce it.

From where I sit, the self imposed media blackout has caused more press about the situation than if the sides just let everyone know what was going on. This way, speculation has just run wild.

All day yesterday there were whispers that that the Jets' All-Pro cornerback, who has now been a no-show for the past 25 days now due to the contract impasse, may be close to signing a new deal. For every one of those claims that the Jets and Revis were meeting yesterday, there was a report rebutting the claim stating that contrary to reports, the Jets and Revis' agents were not scheduled to meet yesterday and that there were strong indications that such an encounter never occurred as both sides have been far apart in the financial terms of a reworked deal.

As the sun rises in the East on Wednesday morning we have now reports that Revis has taped a television interview that is scheduled to air today, and reports also disputing that claim. Then there is the theory that this is all a PR stunt and that this will all conclude on HBO's Hard Knocks this evening. As crazy as that may seem, while so many were out bashing columnist Tim Cowlishaw saying that there was no way he could have an NFL source that the reporters don't, has anyone considered the fact that his source was an HBO source and not a Jets, agent, or NFL source?

Look, I'm not saying that you will see Revis sign on Hard Knocks tonight, but stranger things have happened.  Besides, we've already seen saw Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum get their deals on Episode One, so it's not like they haven't done this before or that it would be something out of character for them to do?

The Jets have been a PR machine for months now doing anything and everything to fill their new stadium and sell their PSL's. They signed on to do Hard Knocks and brought in Hall of Famers to be LaDainian Tomlinson and long time nemesis Jason Taylor. They've added suspended player for ¼ of the season, Super Bowl MVP, Santonio Holmes, and they've brought in perhaps one of the best known problems in the league, defensive back, Antonio Cromartie and his entire virtually instantaneous family.

If Revis signs on Hard Knocks this evening a lot of people will be pissed off. But it won't be the fans, it will be the media. Think of all the Jets bashing the media has handed out recently. How bad to the Jets want to stick it to the media by giving them no opportunity to break the story? The Jets fans will be happy because they finally got their guy. The main stream media will be furious because no one will have been able to break the story and the public will find out the same time they do. Except for Tim Cowlishaw....

If Revis signs on Hard Knocks this evening Cowlishaw will go from being a columnist that went out on a limb to make a splash by picking a specific date in advance that Revis would sign and being vilified by much of the media for doing so, to "the hammer" that people will now consider a solid reporting source in addition to a wonderful columnist.

I'll say this, Cowlishaw was a well respected sportswriter before he came out with this and while he has a lot to gain by the situation working out as he depicted it would, he also has a lot to lose if it doesn't as writers and reporters will come out of the wood work to bash him tomorrow.

Depending on how you look at this, Cowlishaw is either a genius for putting this out there or nuts for doing so. As for me, I'm not sure if applaud him for taking his stand against all odds and not backing down or think he's lost his rocker playing Russian roulette with his career. We'll know in few hours.... - Mike Cardano

Mike is the founder of Around the Horn Baseball and Xtra Point Football.

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