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Darrelle Revis Buys No. 24 From Mark Barron for $50K

The long and not-so awaited on decision of what number Darrelle Revis will bring with him to Tampa Bay has finally been made. And it’s a decision that was come to with an absurd amount of cash and a little creativity.

According to Paul Lukas of, Revis has made an arrangement with Buccaneers safety Mark Barron to stick with his traditional number of 24. An agreement that didn’t come cheap.

If you’re struggling with finances right now, viewer discretion is advised. It cost Revis a reported $50,000 to secure his old number. That figure represents somewhere in the neighbourhood of six percent of his weekly salary of $765,000. Or, 0.003 percent of his annual salary. Everything is relative right?

After surrendering (or selling, depending on your perspective) the number 24 to Revis, it is reported that Barron will switch to the number 23. Which, by my reckoning, isn’t a half bad number either.

Whether they will admit it or not, everybody has their sports superstitions - consciously or otherwise. Up to this point however, there had never been a price tag put on such a thing; or at least not one this lucrative. The price of superstition, $50,000.

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