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Darnell Docket Reportedly Spat in Kerry Rhodes’ Face During Jets-Cardinals Because He’s Stupid

The New York Jets are a dysfunctional mess with five wins on the year. The Arizona Cardinals wish they were a dysfunctional mess with five wins on the year.

This weekend, the Jets and Cardinals faced off in a game that has been referred to by the kindest of critics as “unwatchable.” Mind you, there were other, harsher opinions about this outing – but our advertisers don’t like it when we post curse words.

In the fourth quarter of that horrible, embarrassing game, a confrontation occurred between defensive end Darnell Dockett and safety Kerry Rhodes. Folks didn’t know what exactly caused the altercation, but everyone just sort of chalked it up to frustrations relating to the Cardinals’ general futility.

According to, though, apparently it was something much dumber than that. Per the report:

The incident occurred late in the fourth quarter, with the Cardinals trailing 7-6 and the Jets driving.  The Cardinals’ defense planned to let the Jets score a touchdown, which would have stretched the lead (with the extra point) to 14-6, and which would have given the Cardinals the ball back with a chance to force overtime.

The only problem?  Dockett didn’t want to let the Jets score.  And so he resisted.  And he resisted.  And eventually, as Rhodes was trying to persuade Dockett to go along, Dockett let his saliva do the talking.

Yup, Dockett allegedly spit in his teammate’s face because Rhodes refused to go along with the stupidest plan ever hatched.

If this is proven to be true, Dockett should be suspended for conduct detrimental to sanity.

Update: According to Kent Somers, Rockett did not spit in Rhodes' face.

In an e-mail released by the Cardinals Tuesday morning, Rhodes wrote:

“Yes, we had a disagreement on the field but, no he did NOT spit in my face. I’m not going to get into all the details because I think those are things you keep within the team. But Darnell and I talked after the game, we’re both moving on and I’ll leave it at that.”

(Kudos SportsGrid,

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